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Welcome to the Attorney resource section of my website. Here you will find answers to your frequently asked questions, and links to forms and other useful sites.

I believe that each person involved in the bankruptcy process, from beginning to end, contributes to the success of a Chapter 13 Plan.

My staff and I look forward to working with you throughout the life of the Plan. - Wayne Godare


Correspondence Addresses - Prior to confirmation, e-mail: precon@portland13.com  

                                                          After confirmation, e-mail: postcon@portland13.com

                                                          Click here for correspondence guidelines.

341(a) Document Requirements - Click Here

DSO Information Sheet - Click Here

Suggested Paragraphs - Click Here. The Suggested Paragraphs occasionally change.  Be sure to check the "Revised Date" at the top to insure you have the latest version.

Online Access to case information in cases you are a party of interest?  Click here to download a web access agreement and here for case information. 

You can also access case information from the National Data Center. 

Plan Base Calculations - learn more here.  Try calculating your own Plan Base using this for prior plans or this for plan dated 12-01-17.

50 (yes, FIFTY!) most common chapter 13 plan and OCP drafting and confirmation issues as seen through the eyes of the Chapter 13 Trustee.

Click here to open the file.

Modified Plan drafting questions?  Click here to get help!

Free Calculation Programs to help you write an objection-free Plan.  Start here with Feasibility, Liquidation and Payment Calc.

Want to Request a Payoff of your client(s) bankruptcy case?  Click here