Wayne Godare, Chapter 13 Trustee



Welcome to the Creditor resource section of my website.  Here you will find answers to your frequently asked questions, and links to forms and other useful sites. 

I believe that each person involved in the bankruptcy process, from beginning to end, contributes to the success of a Chapter 13 Plan.

My staff and I look forward to working with you throughout the life of the Plan.  - Wayne Godare


Contact the Trustee's office?  For Pre-confirmation cases email Precon@portland13.com and for Post-confirmation cases email Postcon@portland13.com.

ONLINE ACCESS to case information in cases you are a party of interest?  Click here to download a web access agreement. 

If you are an attorney representing a creditor your client might already have online access, ask them for their user credentials. 

This site will give you valuable information including debtor payments and creditor disbursements.

Interested in Receiving Electronic Payments? Click here for more information.

Proof Of Claim?  Download the form here.